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JODO : The Way of the Stick

The Jo is a short staff, 128 cm in length, used against an opponent with a (wooden) sword. Training in Jodo involves learning techniques through solo and paired practice, and then applying them in kata against the swordsman. At Ojika men and women train in Jodo together, but we only accept under-18s under exceptional circumstances. Jodo tends to be studied alongside another Art (usually Iaido) as knowledge of handling a sword is just as important as the Jo. 

The study of Jodo is vast - there are twelve modern seitei kata which form the backbone of our training and most of our study centres around this set of forms for grading and competition. Seitei is based on the classical Shinto Muso Ryu school, which comprises over 60 Jo-Sword kata in seven sets. In addition, other weapons are studied : Tanjo (walking stick-sword); Kenjutsu (sword-sword); Jitte (baton & fan-sword); Kasurigama (sickle-sword) and Hojojutsu (rope tying). Over time we are expanding our knowledge of some of these forms.

A number of Ojika members have represented the UK at international level in Jodo, some gaining medals at European Championship level.

Instructors: Martin Chambers (5th Dan), John Burn (4th Dan), Kevin McNeill (3rd Dan).  

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