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KENDO : The Way of the Sword

Kendo is a Japanese martial art which has evolved over time to become a fast, dynamic form of sword-fencing where practitioners aim to strike their opponents head, wrist or body with a bamboo Shinai. Target areas are protected by armour to minimise risk of injury.  At Ojika men and women train together, and we accept juniors from 14 years and above. 

Kendo is a modern interpretation of traditional sword techniques with a sport/competition aspect, but first and formost it is a martial art and the purpose of practicing it is to build character, self-discipline and respect. Kendo is very energetic activity which is growing in popularity in the UK and around the world. 

Instructor :  John Kelso, 3rd dan. John is also the founder of Ojika NI, our sister-dojo in Belfast.

Kendo training begins with Kihon, repeating techniques alone and against others until they become second-nature. Jigeiko (free practice) is the opportunity to test your practice against an opponent - Kendo is the only Japanese Sword Art that allows free-sparring. Finally there is paired kata, where the links between Kendo and traditional sword techniques are learned.

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